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At least someone thinks I know what I’m doing

Posted on by Townsend Myers

Well, I didn’t make the 2009 list of top lawyers in New Orleans, but it looks like someone thinks I know what I am doing. I include an excerpt from the blog post I just discovered, written by Ernie Svenson, below:

“I will tell you one lawyer that got left off the list (as far as I could tell).  Townsend Myers is one of the best criminal lawyers in New Orleans.  He has a niche practice area, handling state law misdemenors and felonies, as well as DUIs, traffic matters and municipal offenses. I list Townsend on my own firm website as a ‘recommended lawyer’ (along with a few other folks) because I know he’s smart, works hard and is completely ethical.  It’s just my opinion, but it’s not one I reach haphazardly or just to impress people. After 20 years of practicing law I know excellent lawyers when I see them, and I’m happy to let people know who those folks are.”

Thanks Ernie! Maybe next year I’ll make the real (?) list, but for now I am happy to be on yours!



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