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Criminal Defense New Orleans Attorney, Townsend Myers, Client Phone Call Photo - NOLA Criminal LawI believe in helping people solve problems.

Your problems are important to you and I believe that, as your lawyer, they should be just as important to me.  Although a lawyer may have hundreds of clients, you only have one lawyer:  that one lawyer must treat your legal problem with the respect, attention and concern it deserves. The same level of concern YOU have for getting your problem resolved.

I know criminal defense.  It is all that I do.

You deserve the benefit of that knowledge.  Too many criminal defendants feel they are merely passengers on the long ride through criminal court proceedings, pre trial motions, and plea negotiations, only to arrive at a destination confused, and unhappy with the result. You need a criminal lawyer who works WITH you.  I believe in working with my clients, working FOR my clients, and using my legal expertise to help you achieve results that you can live with.  You, as my client, should be informed throughout the process, and it is my commitment to you that when all is said and done, you are satisfied with the result.

You deserve an HONEST criminal attorney.

Honest communication between you and your attorney is fundamental to the success of your criminal case. Sometimes in criminal law the truth hurts.  No one likes bad news.  But wouldn’t you rather have the facts than be misled or misinformed by an attorney who’s only in it for the fee? Your business matters to me, but if I can’t give you the legal representation you need I’d rather lose your business because I was honest than gain it because I wasn’t. You need accurate, complete information regarding your legal situation, and I promise that you will always be informed.  Always.

You deserve an attorney who is AVAILABLE to you.

Criminal law is not a 9-5 job.  If you need to call me at 9 pm on a Friday night, do it.  You’ll have my cell phone number to call or send me a text message. I respond to email within hours, even minutes. I am there for you, and you are both welcome and encouraged to call me to check the status of your case, or simply ask a question.  As your attorney, I am available for you from 8am to 10pm, seven days a week, no questions asked.

You deserve a criminal lawyer who provides impeccable SERVICE.

Whether you are charged with a minor traffic violation or a capital crime, you have my assurance that you will receive one hundred percent effort, one hundred percent of the time.  This is YOUR life and YOUR freedom at stake; it is my job to defend them both. Your legal problem can and will be fixed, because I have the experience, knowledge and legal expertise necessary to handle it.  You don’t have to do this alone.

You need an EXPERIENCED criminal defense attorney.

I’ve handled well over 4,000 felony cases and countless misdemeanor and municipal case in the 20-plus years I have practiced criminal law. I literally have spent every working day of my career inside of a criminal courtroom. I have gained experience and developed personal relationships with judges and prosecutors that give me the unique ability to skillfully handle the litigation of your criminal case and to achieve proven results.

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