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“After a lapse in judgement, Mr. Myers made all my problems disappear with absolutely no effort on my part. He was so effective I did not even have to make a trip to New Orleans for the situation….This guy knows his stuff. I had no clue what to do after the situation but check listings online, and by luck first call Townsend Myers. After our first conversation I knew everything was going to work out. Nothing but good things about this man!”

“Mr. Myers has the highest of determination, integrity and skills, not to mention an awesome network of contacts to make things happen in the criminal legal system! He is adept and articulate while also being personable. Many in his field lack the class and aplomb he has to finish the job and do so with no worries of it coming back to bite you! Thanks so much for completing what your less than equal peers promised they had completed and for saving my federal career. Need criminal representation? Ask for Townsend Myers!”

“My wife and I went to New Orleans for spring vacation to spend time with some family in the area and have some drinks on Bourbon St.  My wife got a battery charge and public intoxication, and they charged me with interfering with a police investigation. To think we were considering driving down to plea guilty just to not have to deal with this issue and put it behind us. We are both more than happy with the results this man achieved, he saved us money, time, and the stress of dealing with the courts. Not only that, but he got the case dismissed and we don’t have the charges on our record.”

“Townsend was professional and prompt in dealing with my legal issues. My specific needs necessitated some difficult research to solve my legal difficulties, and Townsend competently and swiftly dealt with my needs. Townsend really made me feel like my legal needs were priority one. I can confidently say that he was the man for the job!”

“I highly recommend Townsend Myers. He is very professional and handled my legal needs in a very timely manner. He has also handled my case personally and have been available to answer legal questions since my case has been closed. On top of that, he remembered who I am and what my case was about. He provided true personal and confidential service.”

“His name should be God-send, because he saved me big time. I highly recommend Mr. Myers, because he is a powerful force in the courtroom, yet is very respectful and easy to talk with.”

“I worked with Attorney Myers when I attended Loyola University College of Law. I clerked for him through Loyola’s Criminal Law Clinic at The Orleans Indigent Defender Program. He handled an incredibly large case load and was a zealous advocate for his clients while always upholding the highest standard of ethics. It was my experience that Attorney Myers has the respect of his colleagues and the judiciary and would make an outstanding contribution to any organization lucky enough to have him.”

“I know Townsend to be a dedicated, caring criminal attorney. His work is driven by his sense of justice and respect for the law. He is respected by everyone in the criminal justice system.”

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