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Tips for Avoiding Arrest During Your New Orleans Bachelor Party

Posted on by Townsend Myers

handcuffs-354042_640If you are planning a bachelor party in New Orleans, you’re likely envisioning a night filled with drinking, merriment, and fun. However, too much alcohol, especially when mixed with illegal drugs, can lead to a series of bad decisions, sometimes ending in arrest. The Big Easy is known for its all-night bars and relaxed atmosphere, but that does not mean police will overlook behaviors such as illegal substance use or disorderly conduct. For example, marijuana charges, cocaine charges, and public intoxication can potentially land you a night in jail.

Cocaine Possession
In the state of Louisiana, a person convicted for the possession of cocaine can potentially serve up to five years of jail time and a fine as much as $5000.

Marijuana Possession
Penalties for marijuana possession are a $500 fine and up to six months in jail.

Public Intoxication
While New Orleans may seem quite lenient when it comes to open container laws and drinking on the street, if the party gets out of hand you can quickly find yourself arrested for public intoxication or disorderly conduct. This comes with a fine of up to $100, 90 days in jail, or sometimes both.

If you do find yourself arrested, here’s what I suggest not to do when dealing with police officers:

1. Don’t Talk
You have the right to remain silent. Use it. Arguing with police or trying to convince them that you are innocent is useless and will only make things worse. Only answer to “pedigree” questions such as your social security number, name, or other information used on booking papers.

2. Don’t Run
Never attempt to outrun a police officer or resist arrest in any way.

3. Don’t Look at Places You Don’t Want Police to Search
Police are trained to react to your looks and movements. If you have been arrested, remember to keep your eyes down and your mouth shut at all times.

Hopefully, your bachelor party will be filled with happy memories and fun, not booking papers and bond fees. However, if you are arrested on marijuana charges, cocaine charges, or public intoxication, it’s important to stay calm and contact an attorney right away.



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