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Misdemeanor Crime Defense

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A misdemeanor is a crime for which the maximum possible punishment is incarceration for one year or less. Generally, misdemeanors are crimes that are non-violent and/or involve lower levels of harm than felonies do. It is important to have competent, capable legal representation on a misdemeanor to avoid the pitfalls involved in misdemeanor representation.

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What is a Misdemeanor in Louisiana?

Although less serious that felony crimes, misdemeanors convictions can have serious consequences for future employment and educational opportunities. The penalties typically include fines, property forfeitures or incarceration in a jail for one year or less. Most misdemeanors involve the possibility of probation.

Getting arrested for a felony in Louisiana is still a serious situation however, and you will want to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case and decide what your most appropriate options are. For more information on what to do if you are arrested for a misdemeanor, click here.

In New Orleans some misdemeanors cases are handled in the Criminal District Court, while some others are handled in New Orleans Municipal Court.  Many misdemeanor offenses can be negotiated to a complete dismissal, or expunged off of your criminal record by a competent attorney. For more information on expunging a misdemeanor arrest and conviction, see this page.

What Kinds of Cases are Misdemeanors in Louisiana?

Misdemeanor crimes include crimes such as:

  • 1st offense possession of marijuana
  • simple battery
  • theft
  • minor weapons offenses
  • domestic violence
  • public intoxication
  • disturbing the peace
  • minor in possession of alcohol
  • possession of marijuana
  • alcohol in a motor vehicle
  • criminal trespass
  • failure to pay for food or beverage
  • soliciting for prostitutes



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