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NOLA Criminal Law provides criminal defense services in New Orleans area courts, including defense of felony and misdemeanor cases in state court, as well as defense of federal criminal cases in the Eastern District of Louisiana. Because of the complicated nature of Louisiana law, and the seriousness of any criminal allegation, you need an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to serve you.

I have been handling criminal cases in New Orleans for almost 20 years, and have helped thousands of clients achieve the results they need. Call me now at (504) 571-9529, or email me using the “Contact Me Now” link to the right of the page, to talk about how I can help you with your criminal charges.

Criminal Attorney for Felony Charges

Generally speaking, felonies are the most serious crimes, such as those that are either particularly heinous, involve dangerous weapons or threaten relatively high amounts of financial damage or harm to property.  Additionally most drug possession cases are classified as felonies.

In addition to the possibility of incarceration, the  long-term consequences of a felony conviction may include the loss of the right to vote, ineligibility for elected office or professional licenses, and restrictions on the right to possess weapons. You need a criminal defense lawyer involved in you felony case as soon after your arrest as possibly to protect your rights.

For more information, or if you need a criminal lawyer for a felony charge in the New Orleans area, please see this post.

Criminal Attorney for Misdemeanor Charges

A misdemeanor is a crime for which the maximum possible punishment is incarceration for one year or less. Generally, misdemeanors are crimes that are non-violent and/or involve lower levels of harm than felonies do.

Although less serious that felony crimes, misdemeanors convictions can have serious consequences for future employment and educational opportunities. The penalties typically include fines, property forfeitures or incarceration in a jail for one year or less. Most misdemeanors involve the possibility of probation, but you should get a lawyer involved immediately to help make sure your case is resolved in the most advantageous way.

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Criminal Lawyer for Federal Criminal Charges

Federal criminal cases are very serious, and quite different from state court criminal cases. For that reason it is very important, if you are involved in a federal criminal case, to consult with an experienced federal criminal lawyer who has practiced extensively in federal court. At NOLA Criminal Law, I have federal court experience dating back 15 years, and have handled multiple complex federal criminal cases up to, and including, trial.

Whether you are a federal criminal defendant under indictment for a crime, an individual who is under investigation or who has received a target letter, or a witness who has received a federal grand jury subpoena and has questions about their rights and responsibilities, I can help you with your case.

For more information, or if you need a criminal lawyer for a federal criminal case in the Eastern District of Louisiana, please see this post.

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