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Federal Criminal Defense

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Federal criminal cases are very serious, and quite different from state court criminal cases. For that reason it is very important, if you are involved in a federal criminal case, to consult with an experienced federal criminal lawyer who has practiced extensively in federal court. At NOLA Criminal Law, I have federal court experience dating back 15 years, and have handled multiple complex federal criminal cases up to, and including, trial.

Whether you are a federal criminal defendant under indictment for a crime, an individual who is under investigation or who has received a target letter, or a witness who has received a federal grand jury subpoena and has questions about their rights and responsibilities, I can help you with your case.

You can call me immediately at (504) 571-9529, text me at (504) 237-5245, or email me using the “Contact Us” form to the right of this page. I promise I will respond immediately.

Federal Defense Lawyer for Defendants Currently Under Indictment

Federal cases carry a far greater risk that the person accused or indicted will be convicted and sentenced to a long period of incarceration. Federal law enforcement agents are notoriously well prepared, thorough and efficient, and  the United States Attorney’s Office, which prosecutes federal criminal cases has virtually unlimited time and resources with which to hone it’s cases. Federal sentences are frequently extremely harsh, with large mandatory minimum sentences. This is especially true in drug cases, in particular.

But, while federal criminal cases are difficult to defend, they are not hopeless. A federal criminal defense lawyer with experience defending federal criminal cases can make a huge difference in the outcome of a case – especially in terms of sentencing.  Through pre-trial motions, plea bargaining and sentencing advocacy, an experienced attorney can help a person involved in a federal criminal case protect their rights and achieve a much more beneficial result. Some cases can be dismissed, some won at trial, and others concluded with a far more lenient sentencing result.

Federal Defense Lawyer for Targets of Federal Investigations

Often an individual’s first contact with a the federal criminal court system may be when they receive a “target letter”. This letter informs an individual that they are the target of a federal investigation. Do not take these letters lightly. Often this means that a federal indictment is imminent. But is does not mean that your situation is beyond repair. An experienced federal criminal attorney can help guide you through the process of deciding whether there is any action you need to take. Whatever you do, do not speak to any federal law enforcement agents or United States Attorneys without consulting a lawyer.

Federal Defense Lawyer for Witnesses Under Grand Jury Subpoena

The federal criminal court system relies heavily on the investigative tools provided by federal grand juries. Federal agents are free to exhaustively investigate cases and speak to many witnesses, but in order to “force” a witness to make a statement, a witness must be subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury. Often, witnesses receiving federal grand jury subpoenas have sensitive information the government wants, but which may also be damaging not just to the target of an investigation, but also to the witness herself.

Witnesses have rights – you may have heard of “taking the fifth” – and it is important to speak to a qualified and experienced federal defense attorney about those rights. Again, whatever you do, you should not speak to any federal law enforcement agents or United States Attorneys or consider appearing before a federal grand jury without consulting a lawyer.

If you (or a family member) are a federal criminal defendant, the target of a federal investigation, or a witness subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury, call me for a free consultation to discuss your options.  I promise I will give you an honest assessment of your case and your options so you can decide how you should move forward.



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