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This Week in Criminal Law: 5.9.11

Posted on by Townsend Myers

It seems like a lot of people like to monkey around with the law when they’re on the road. ┬áThat’s exactly what happened when a 21-year-old chimp named Suco got loose according to the Kansas City Star

The shenanigans don’t stop there. Last week, A New York man was arrested for DWI twice in the same night. After being bailed out, Wilbert A. Elvy must have thought it was a good idea to get behind the wheel of a vehicle again. If he did, he thought wrong, from My Fox NY

The only thing one man’s tractor “pulled” last week was “over.” After having his license previously revoked for DWI charges, he decided a tractor would be his alternate mode of transportation. Unfortunately, he was stopped, cited for driving the vehicle without a license, and according to the report, apparently intoxicated.

On a different note in roadside antics, the Massachusetts Supreme Court recently determined that the smell of marijuana alone did not justify search of a vehicle. Read more here.

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