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There Is No Cure For Dumb

Posted on by Townsend Myers

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Last week was a heavy one at NOLA Criminal Law. The posts were all about murder and rampant crime in New Orleans. But a “life of crime” shouldn’t always have to be so serious. I felt like lightening it up a bit this week, and showing that crime sometimes can be just plain…. well, dumb.

Simply choosing a life of crime shows a certain lack of common sense, but some criminals take stupid to another level all together. We appreciate their efforts to be easily caught and today celebrate some of the dumbest criminals.

Take the case of the man in Key West who tried to rob a bank wearing shorts on his head. He remembered to cover his hair – he just forgot to try to cover his face. Read more

Or the burglars in the U.K. who were arrested shortly booking a taxi using their real names to the crime scene and having it dispatch them to their home address with their loot in tow. Really?? Read more

Huffington Post broke the sizzling crime caper of the two teenagers who were arrested after entering the CNN newsroom from the neighboring Omni Hotel, to use computer there to check their Facebook pages. Read more

And this one bears mentioning here for the dark comedy of its special-place-in-hell-ness. An apparently wealthy man in Florida, facing a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parents of a boy he allegedly killed while driving drunk, has “adopted” his girlfriend and placed his fortune in a living trust for the benefit of his new “child” in order to insulate his money from judgment. Read more if you can bear to.

Back to real news next week…



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