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The Consequences of an Underage DUI on Students’ Futures

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If you are under 21, the decision to get behind the wheel while you’re over the legal limit can have lasting, life-altering impacts. In the worst case scenario, death or injury to the driver, passengers, and other motorists can devastate the lives of those involved and their families. Even under better circumstances, where no injuries result from the poor choice to drink and drive, the repercussions can be severe. I have witnessed the consequences of underage DUIs on students’ futures and have seen that those with proper representation by a DUI or DWI lawyer fare much better.

In Louisiana, the legal limit for adults (over 21) is a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08%. For those under 21, the limit is 0.02% BAC. If you’re arrested for a DUI, on the first offense you will face hefty fines of up to thousands of dollars, a license suspension, and possibly probation. If anyone is injured, you could be subjected to a civil lawsuit that could end up costing exponentially more money than the fines. A good DUI lawyer can help ameliorate the impact of these penalties.

As a misdemeanor, a DUI charge will blemish a teenager’s record well into adulthood. Students who are in the process of applying to universities will have to disclose it on their applications. While it will not stand as an absolute disqualification, it will likely give the school reason to think twice about admission. Students already attending college may find that their chosen career paths become much harder to walk. Pre-law or education students will, at the very least, have to explain the charge to receive professional certification. And a student will be required to disclose the information on any job application they fill out, making employment in any field a more difficult proposition.

The best decision you can make is to never get behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking. But, we all make mistakes. The next-best decision you can make is to find an experienced DUI lawyer to make sure that the charges have the least possible impact on your future.



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