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Synthetic Drug Ban Passes Senate Committee

Posted on by Townsend Myers

Legislation that would criminalize specially designed drugs that are sold as “bath salts” and “potpourri” was given unanimous approval Tuesday, and is one step short of final passage by lawmakers.

The Senate Judiciary B Committee advanced to the Senate floor House Bill 12 by Rep. Rickey Templet, R-Gretna. If approved there, it will go to Gov. Bobby Jindal, who has included it as part of his legislative package.

The bill is designed to crack down on stores and other outlets that sell bath salts or incense that contains addictive, dangerous qualities.┬áBesides the bath salts, Templet’s bill also added to the list of most dangerous controlled substances groups of chemical and properties that are used to manufacture synthetic marijuana.

The Legislature last year banned the pseudo pot but shortly after lawmakers went home, drug manufacturers reformulated the mixtures for the synthetic marijuana so the law would not affect sales of the new substances.┬áTemplet’s bill would ban entire groups of chemicals that are used in making the fake marijuana as well as a range of other drugs to attempt to keep the law one step ahead of the drug manufacturers.

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