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What to Do When You Find Yourself in Jail During Mardi Gras

Posted on by Townsend Myers


Mardi Gras is a crazy time of year for everyone in the city, and it can be particularly busy for a municipal court lawyer. Hopefully you have watched my other videos and will follow my advice to stay out of trouble. If you do however find yourself in need of a municipal court defense lawyer in New Orleans, there are a few ways that you can plan ahead for such a situation.


First, there is the issue of getting yourself out of jail. Most crimes during Mardi Gras are minor, so bonds are generally low cost – around $300-$1000. There are several ways to get a bond in New Orleans, which I have referenced on my website. You can either post the bond and pay the full cash amount, or get in touch with an attorney who can assist you in getting released on your own recognizance or signature. If you have an attorney who you have used before and trust, they generally can help you in this situation.


The second thing you want to do is to get someone to represent you in the court of law. These cases involve a mandatory court appearance. As a municipal court defense lawyer in New Orleans, I can offer some sound advice. If you are from the area, attending the court date shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you are from out of town, an attorney can appear for you. This is a common occurrence in the municipal court called “Pleading in Absentia.”


Stay safe out there, and plan ahead. Set aside some money with a family member or friend or contact an attorney ahead of time if you feel like you will be getting into any trouble. Once you do get out of jail, please contact me or any municipal court defense lawyer in New Orleans, and we will try our hardest to minimize any damage to your criminal record.

For more information on crimes and other offenses during Mardi Gras, check out our video.



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