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The Most Common Crimes That Happen Over the Holidays

Posted on by Townsend Myers

Holidays can be a joyous time for families to visit, share ideas, and enjoy traditional meals together. Unfortunately, criminals look forward to chaotic holidays to scam, shoplift, and plan home burglaries at a time when many people tend to travel and leave their homes unoccupied. At this time of year, many people find themselves in the regrettable position of needing a good criminal defense attorney. New Orleans is no exception, and our city has its share of common crimes like these below. Stay safe this holiday season and don’t become a victim.


Shoplifting occurs all year long, but it definitely increases during the Christmas season. Most stores are on high alert and watch for shoplifters, and owners tend to take preventative measures such as adding additional cameras or making sure staff is familiar with the appearances of any shoplifting regulars. Still, with the large influx of shoppers expected during the holiday season, these crimes can be difficult to eradicate completely.

Large crowds of shoppers are also an issue when it comes to purse snatching. Attracted by these crowds, pickpockets rely on consumers’ distraction to make off with stolen goods, particularly wallets, purses, and even bags of newly purchased items. Visitors to tourist attractions and large seasonal festivals are particularly vulnerable to purse-snatchers, as the excitement can make it difficult to consistently pay attention to their surroundings.

Drunk Driving

New Orleans has a reputation for being a party town, and the celebrations often encourage drunk driving, misdemeanors or even felony charges. These types of charges are best handled by a criminal defense attorney. New Orleans is a fun city, but it does have its share of drunk driving, thefts, scams, traffic violations, and domestic abuse.

Home Burglary

People should consider extra precautions to protect themselves from home burglaries. Robbers are constantly checking for unlocked windows and doors so they can rip off presents, computers, jewelry, and anything else of value.


Most people are always ready to pitch in and help their communities, especially during the holiday season. Scammers are ready to take advantage of this, and they set up phony charities and other forms of fraud. Whether solicitors come door-to-door or contact consumers by phone, it is always a wise idea to request materials that can authenticate claims before writing a check.

Vehicle Theft

Car theft increases when thieves see toys, presents, and electronics inside cars. They steal the car and get everything. Always store purchases out of sight, lock all doors and windows, and never leave the keys in the car.

Life is unpredictable, and there is no way of knowing what the holidays will bring, good or bad. Unfortunately, you never know when you might need the expertise of a good criminal defense attorney. New Orleans means a great deal to me and I would be happy to help you get back on your feet after a serious issue like the ones described. Feel free to give me a call with questions or concerns.



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