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Why Short Term Rental Landlords May Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

Posted on by Townsend Myers

Short term rentals prove to be a point of contention in cities across the nation. In many areas, including New Orleans, these tenancies are considered illegal for those who don’t have a license to operate […]

The Most Common Crimes That Happen Over the Holidays

Posted on by Townsend Myers

Holidays can be a joyous time for families to visit, share ideas, and enjoy traditional meals together. Unfortunately, criminals look forward to chaotic holidays to scam, shoplift, and plan home burglaries at a time when […]

Warrant Required for GPS Tracking of Automobile

Posted on by Townsend Myers

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit ruled in late October in the case of U.S. v. Katzin that law enforcement officers must have a valid warrant before installing a GPS device on the vehicle of a criminal suspect.

Federal Criminal Defense

Posted on by Townsend Myers

Federal criminal cases are very serious, and quite different from state court criminal cases. For that reason it is very important, if you are involved in a federal criminal case, to […]

Lawyer in New Orleans Municipal Court

Mardi Gras Do’s and Dont’s: Traffic and Municipal Court

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