Can a Cop Search My Cell Phone?

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From Wikimedia Commons.

Now that texting and driving is illegal in Louisiana and in 33 other states (as of the writing of this article), how far can a police officer go if he suspects […]

City Learns That Education is the Answer

Posted on by Townsend Myers

Photo from a NOPLAY Recognition Ceremony. Source: NOPLAY website.

The City of New Orleans may very well be on its way to showing that education is the key to lowering crime rates. […]

This Will Be an Open Book Test

Posted on by Townsend Myers

Photo by Jason Rogers, Flickr Creative Commons

There are strict rules in place for what jurors may or may not do to aid them in deliberation during criminal trials, and these rules vary from state […]

Justice is Slow in Coming

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From Flickr Creative Commons

One of the guiding principles of every just and compassionate society is the strong protect the weak. This ideal is the bedrock of our criminal justice system when it comes to […]

New Bill Banning Bath Salts and Synthetic Marijuana Set to Become Law on July 15, 2011

Posted on by Townsend Myers

A bill banning chemicals used in the manufacture of bath salts and synthetic marijuana has passed the Louisiana Legislature and is on its way to Governor Jindal for signature. Once signed, it will become effective […]

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